Interior Design & Styling

We handle projects from initial concept to design development through FF&E procurement & final installation. Services can also include custom furnishings and lighting design, as well as full conceptual branding with the help of our architecture and brand development partner Wow Atelier.  We collaborate with artists, architects, makers, and suppliers for an expanded knowledge base to facilitate your vision.

Spatial Planning & Furniture Placement 

An integral part of the process, this aspect of design affects how a space lives and functions on a daily basis.  It's all about utilizing the space you have to its highest degree of functionality and creating something that suits the way you like to utilize a space.  

Selection of Finishes

There are many details to consider in choosing the best materials for your home or commercial project.  We can help you by sourcing finishes such as flooring, countertops, tile, lighting, paint color, and more.  We'll give you specific options and recommendations tailored to your needs. 

Furniture Sourcing & Procurement

We can help navigate the often confusing and time-consuming world of furniture buying. By hand-selecting products specifically tailored to the needs of your space we can ensure the perfect fit. Along with your project's concept and personal preferences, we take into account practical considerations like function, materials, scale, and budget. It's our goal to be responsible in the production or procurement of goods that will provide lasting enjoyment for years to come.

Styling & AccesSoriZing 


Please send us a note if you'd like more info on how we can work together.  

We can style your home or commercial space with new details,  anything from artwork to book stacks, baskets, greenery, candles, and other decorative accents. It's incredible what a few carefully placed accessories can do to update and complete a space.  

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